1. Read first the Emotion Management main page and supporting overview pages, for perspective.

2. Navigate to the individual subsections of interest, which are  

      I.     Fear/Anxiety/Worry/Safety Contents/Links  - The primary causers of unpleasant emotions.   
      II.   Anger, Blame, Resentment, Criticism Contents/Links - These are based on beliefs and 
               related to fear, and lead to unpleasant consequences.

     III.  Mood Management (in a box on this page) - How and why they happen...

     IV.   Behavior Management Contents/Links - Cause of behaviors.  How to alter.  Key!  

     V.    Stress Management Contents/Links - Should have virtually no stress in a day.   

     VI.  "Feelings" (in a box on this page) - Really, what are they and are they like "intuition", etc.

3.  Check out individual specific emotions in the Specific Emotions/Issues box, below, right.


Beliefs cause faux fears and most negative emotions.  See the specific beliefs box in the Beliefs Contents, Links page.  


These are all master Links/Contents for the 
subject area

Psychology Links/Contents - The overall master section.

Affirmations And       Empowering Conv Links, Contents - For ideas of what to usee.

Philosophy Links/Contents - Philosophy consists of many beliefs, but ones that are tested for truth (or about to be, if you use this site!)..    

Fear/Anxiety/Worry/Safety, Contents, Links  

Depression, Contents, Links 

Anger, Blame, Resentment, Criticism, Contents, Links     

Behavior Management, Contents, Links - Also largely based on beliefs!  



See Solutions To Specific Emotions And Issues In Life - A Contents, Links Directory

Access special sections on the left.


Note that many of these are based on fictional fears and dysfunctional responses to those discomforts.  

You should realize that most of these are fear-based emotions (anger, shame, anxiety, etc.) and that unravelling the false fear beliefs is the master key to dissolving the rest.  See also the List of Beliefs in Beliefs Contents'Links.  Use the search engine to find anything that might not be listed below. (From this list, you'd identify the top 5 or 10 and resolve those asap, using 

     Anxiety And The Anxiety Cure 
     Comfort, The Illusion Of 
     Compassion (See also sympathy, empathy)
     Depression See also Self Esteem .         
          Success stories 
          Chemicals/Medicines To Reduce 
          What To Do In The Moment When I 
               Am Depressed
     Discomfort, Handling  
     Doubt, self 
          Getting "up"
     Enough, Not Having 
     Failure (and mistakes, defeats) 
        Notice: Nothing Happened 
     Feelings - See section VI below
          Feeling Bad
             Tipping The Scales Of Feeling 
                 Good And Feeling Bad
              Steps To Balancing The Feel 
                  Good Scales 
     Freedom, attaining it
     Good Enough, I Am Not...  
     Guilt and shame
     High, Being on a
     Hurried, Rushed, Overwhelmed  
     Hyperventilation - See also panic
     Mistakes, failures, and defeats  
     Mood management
     Obsessive Thought 
     Outcome, Detachment To   
     Pain, emotional 
     Panic - See also hyperventilation
     Peace of mind
          Rageful Envy - Barbara 
     Rewarding oneself 
     Safe, I Am  
          Safe Always; I Give Up Control Of 
               What Is Uncontrollable
          Affirmations And Declarations 
          What I Can Cause In My Life  
          Why I Am Virtually Always OK  
          I Am Invincible 
     Social Anxiety 
           Sympathy, Empathy, Compassion 
     Suffering, struggle
     Up - Creating Up
     Vengeance, Getting "Even"   
     Worthy, Am I...? 

I.  FEAR/ANXIETY/WORRY/SAFETY Contents/Links - Pieces to understand and cure fears/anxieties. 
II. ANGER, BLAME, RESENTMENT, CRITICISM Contents Links - Pieces to understand and eliminate these fear-based perspectives and behaviors.  

     Up - Creating Up

IV.  BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT - Main page.  This is now a separate section, where you can get perspective by going to Contents/Links.
You don't do what is best based on fears based on false beliefs. 


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VI. "FEELINGS" - An electrochemical occurrence, only!  'Tain't much!

Wrongly Interpreting Feelings And Body Signals  
Reading Body Signals Accurately  
Chemicals In The Body - Balancing - Safely and 
The Subtle Emotions 
Life Dictated By Feelings - Or By You?  
Feelings - Manage Them Or Be Run By Them   
Feelings - This Is My Life  


See Stress Management Contents/Links

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(See Learning Program and Quick Rebalancing In The Moment)  


Emotions Are Useful - And They Are Misused And 
The Greatest Emotional Costs Of All - Solve These 
    Two And The Others Will Dissolve


     The Vital Skill Of Emotion Management            - Main (front) page

     Decide, First, Whether The Mind Or YOU           Will Rule - To have a values-driven life.
     Stupid Strategies For Feeling Better -  
           We keep repeating them, when we should  
          instead do "the list" of ways to feel better.
     Discussion Of Emotions - This 
        Clarification Will Make A Huge 
        Difference In Happiness  
     Emotions - The Intensity And 
        Pleasantness Graph 
     The Four Domains And The Four 
        Quadrants Of Life        
     Create Biggest Net Feel Good 
     Emotional Intelligence 
     Feelings, Managed Or Run By  
          Live A Life Dictated By My Feelings?  
     Avoidance, Escape, Denial
     Using The Higher Brain 
     Proportionate Size Of Responses 
     Controlling Emotions In Body
          Managing the chemicals In The Body
     Energy Enhancement  

     Notice:  Nothing Actually Happened - 
         When we "get" this, the fear emotions 
         decline dramatically 

     The Role Of Music In Psychology - 
         Reduces fear, bad thoughts, calms...


There are so many pieces to the puzzle here that it is good to have instructions on how to unravel all of them and them put them together into a whole that makes sense and is usable.  

Follow The Belief, Emotion, Happiness Trail.

Or if you wish you could start with this program and then the other programs after that.    

The Emotion Management Learning, 
Implementation Program   

Consider, if needed, The Emotional Emergency Kit, For When You're "Off"  

Some people print the kit and put it into their Reminders Notebook to use when needed.