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Power is the ability in action to marshall your resources to get what you want.  (What you want is what you perceive as giving you the most value in the moment.  Getting Life Value is the whole point of life.)

Power is "good".  It is not the same as "force", which may indicate a misuse of power.  Of course, power can be misused, but it, in itself, is not "bad".  It is merely the means to get what you want out of life.

"The most critical starting piece for having power in life is in making 'The One Decision.'"



Power = The capability to accomplish a desired result. (Therefore it equals "effectiveness", but only to the extent it causes an impact that is actually of value.  Reaching a "wrong target", where it was incorrectly believed to be of benefit is a misuse of power, which is a true waste of energy.)

(This is often confused with "force", which, in this particular meaning, is, as defined in the dictionary and as distinguished in Dawkins' Power Vs. Force: 

1.To compel through pressure or necessity.
2.To gain by the use of force or coercion.
3.To move or effect against resistance or inertia

Such force, as conceptually differentiated by Dawkins and L.S. Barksdale, is misused in the extreme by using violence (such as ISIS, to impose a religion or be killed) or acting in a hostile and/or harmful way to oppose something - a pushing back, trying to compel by force.  But if a person is "pushing against" those whom he affects and/or he causes harm, he is not being powerful, i.e. producing a negative ethical effect.  He is misusing the power he does have.)


The main point of having power in life is not to be prideful about it but to be so effective in its use that you get what you truly want in life:  True, deep happiness plus the bonus contentments.  (Power is a mechanical physical reality, not a "mysterious force".) See The Power Formulas separate page for more in depth discussion of this.

LIFE EFFECTIVENESS  =         "KNOWLEDGE"         times             NET POWER 
(Happiness = Main effect)        (Of how to apply power)                  (Adders minus Reducerrs

POWER    =               ENERGY                 times               HOW WELL APPLIED
                                                                                  (Efficiency rate times Impact Amount)


NET POWER  =       POWER ADDERS             minus              POWER REDUCERS

                                    Greater Confidence                                        Resistance/friction
                                    Greater  "Certainty"                                          Misapplications
                                 Greater focus/attention                                           Wasted use
                                    Wiser energy use                                                   Drains 
                                  Psychological energy                                           Diversions

It may be helpful for you to read the Explanation of The Power Formulas, as we will use this as a key part of the steps in the program for you to be truly powerful.


Power = The ability or capacity to perform or act effectively, e.g. move a pencil.  It is your taking an intention and having it come about

Some people think power is force, but it is not, unless the force adds effectiveness, which most often it does not.  Most often force is a last resort when one is trying to get something to happen but doesn't feel powerful enough, but ironically it doesn't seem to create the result wanted, and most often creates damage.  (See Anger.)

Some people think "power" has to be something extraordinary, such as in a "powerful" man or a guru, but, no, power is simply power, not some exaggerated or rare instance of it (which is usually a childish perception of what constitutes power, as a child feels so powerless).

It is not about "doing the impossible" or something magnificent.  It is simply intending something and then creating it happening.  "I want to clean up the kitchen, so I will do it" and then you do it so it is clean.  That's power.  The "should" that society adds to this is a "magical" level of power beyond what humans are capable of, but it is not necessary to do that since the ability we already have is more than sufficient to create a good life.  Creating a good life is what it is about.

One always has more than enough power.  All that is needed is for one to simply choose to use it or not

A person who considers him/herself not to be powerful is simply not choosing to use his/her power for some limiting reason - such reasons can be looked at, seen for what they really are, and then "rewritten" to allow power.  That's what a good portion of this site is about, such as in the sections on Fearlessness or Internal Conversations (and more).  

The viewpoint of  I am powerless  (in any way) is one based on an unsound and untrue philosophy and belief system.  Read that section and be sure you are "complete" on knowing that you are not powerless and that you are powerful (enough to do what is realistically needed to make life work well, without having to be a hero of magical proportions).


For you to become a powerful person, you first need to know what that looks like.  (Duh!)  One needs very high clarity here, as this is one of the most important components of making a good life. 

But I want to be absolutely clear that this is not about building some ideal person that you don't have a chance of achieving.  Instead, it is about choosing to fully depend on yourself - that's the only thing you really need to know, and the rest are just enhancements.  There are certain core practices and models of how to be powerful (the realistic kind, that is) that support your attitude and feeling of power.

Read The Powerful Person.  It includes what the person says, does, practices; how he/she behaves, emotional set, physicalness, and key principles.  This helps you know better "what one looks like".  Read also "As A Powerful Person, I..."

The process of getting to being powerful is laid out in The Only Way To Build The Powerful, Effective Human Being .  This is essentially what we will do, for those who want to actually build your life house and who you want to be.  It is the only way to create happiness at the highest level.  It's not a miracle, or a "magical" quick cure, it is just what is required to pave the roadway - and to have a great ride
(journey) - both on the way to it and after you've reached that level.


I will insert this in here for now, until I rework this section:

I believe that the most important ability for you to learn and practice in life is what I call "calm coherence".   It is the condition that is the equivalent of the "ability to see and think clearly".

Read Calm Coherence - and decide to follow that road, if you want true power and to get rid of "faux power".


Living a life where one is up and down, feeling good about oneself when things go well and feeling badly when they don't.  Losing our perspective.  Procrastinating.  That is the stuff lack of power is made of.  Therefore, it would make sense that the opposite would related to being in Power.

You can assure that you are in power always if you get into the Position Of Power. You actually already "know" what this position or way of being looks like.  If I asked you to sit as if you were a powerful person, to have a facial expression or energy in your eyes like a powerful person, breath like a powerful person, etc., you could come up with a pretty good replica - and in so doing you would actually feel and be more powerful.  Physiology actually makes a difference, but note also that you are adding some things that are beyond the physical and a bit in the intangible, such as intensity in the eyes (a feeling) or "being" powerful, almost like going into becoming a persona who is powerful.  The contrast between powerful and powerless comes out clearly when one compares The Rational, Nurturing Adult Persona to the Child Persona.  (The key gateway to creating a good life is to decide once and for all time to give up the child persona.)

The strongest point of power is in two practices:

I.  Keeping your perspective. When you "rise above" it all and look down and see the "whole city", you achieve two major effectiveness objectives. 

First, it is valuable to be able to see all the pieces of your life (or week or day), so that you can determine what is most important to do.  If you make sure you do what is most important, you achieve more value, you become more confident, and anxiety drop dramatically.  One of the greatest extensions of this is to use the 80/20 principle and to live the 80/20 way.

Second, when you rise above it all, you achieve a certain "objectivity" about your life, so you can make more rational choices.  When one is "down in it" and subject to emotions and beliefs that are harmful, one does not make good decisions.

To keep this perspective you would do planning every day, you would have longer term plans, and you would gain an overview [perspective] on life. [gratitude, knowing about life]

II.  Staying "on top of things" (part of which is staying organized). Procrastinating lowers your self esteem.  A person who is in anxiety will put off things because he/she is anxious about something else and/or needs relief - but this leads to more anxiety and lower self regard, in a spiraling downward.  Setting aside time to get organized again is one of the key things to do as soon as one realizes one is feeling down.  This actually signals the primitive brains that everything is ok and that you're in charge so that they need not send out all those chemicals trying to make you safe.  If you do this "getting on top of things" often enough, it begins to rewire the brain for safety - and, of course, anxiety drops dramatically.

Neither is difficult, but both are extremely empowering and energizing, and they also free up enormous amounts of energy (i.e. they stop the "nervous", frantic energy most people waste their lives with).

The blocks

Of course, there are the blocks to exercising your power, which are 99% only based on your false beliefs that you somehow bought into or created.   Changing those is paramount, and for almost everyone, is the top priority in terms of effectiveness.  (This is deal with in the Beliefs and Thoughts section

Switching one's "come from" (This may sound silly, but it is, in fact, highly powerful.)

Where you "come from" is a "viewpoint", actually the equivalent of a "viewing point", similar to a view from a particular physical position.  The "come from" in the position of a policeman is different than the "come from" (or viewpoint or personal stance) of someone being stopped for a traffic violation. 

The relevant "come froms" here are from the personas (roles, ways of being) of "victim" vs. rational, nurturing adult. 

If one is "coming from" Victim, then one will be 'helpless, powerless, dependent, needing love and approval, never good enough, stupid," etc. - you already know enough about what this looks like that you could create the role-play pretty easily.  But, obviously, Victim is not the role we want to play, as there is no power or satisfaction there, though Victims do have some (ill-conceived) payoffs that keep them playing the game.  It is only when they realize the costs are much greater than any benefits that life changes dramatically upward.  One cannot hold onto the idea of being a child and the beliefs of a child if one wants to have power and a good life - it's impossible to be in weakness and power at the same time.

You can actually role-play the persona that you "should" be (and will be, if you finish the learning and implementation work on this site):  the rational, nurturing adult.  Just in the title you can see that you already have a good idea of what this looks like and how to play the role.  Use reasoning.  Nurture yourself and others.

See The Rational,  Nurturing Adult section, and read the items related to "victim" that  you are referred to.  Know both sides thoroughly, as it will make it much clearer how to play or avoid the parts of the roles/personas you want or don't want to play.  (Other personas are also relevant, so see the Personas and Personality Types section.)

See also, below, Related Affirmations/Statements.


The Characteristics Of Being Powerful - And How To Get There - You can't "get there" (to happiness) without the key characteristics, period.  Includes:

Selected Readings
Elements For Creating Mental Powerfulness And Getting Rid Of The Obstacles
The Tools Creating Power (Effectiveness) - Includes "becoming a force of nature",
    so you can see what it might look like to be "a force" that is unstoppable and
    enthusiastic about life.


"I am in my power, totally responsible for myself and my state of resourcefulness.   I have all the personal capabilities needed to learn and devise whatever I want.  I create what I want by using all that we are given in systems that we can use in this physical world.  I create happiness no matter what the circumstances.  I am truly the master of my life, the creator, the source of it all."

More:  Specific Affirmations, Conversations, Statements Contents/Links - Link into suggestions for various areas.

(In order to effectively install such affirmations [making firm], one must use all the steps, including deciding what the truth is from your learning and understanding of what is true in life.  See Using Affirmations Effectively - Rewiring Your Brain, Your Philosophy, And Your Outlook.)

The Characteristics Of
Being Powerful - And How To Get There

Click above to go to the section about the characteristics.

Use this for a complete list

A bigger, more complete master list is in Power In Life Contents/Links section.

See, in the above, the top seven characteristics of being powerful.

Partial List:   Samples of possible interest, but use the complete list in the contents/links section.


Approval, No Need For

Authenticity Factor 

Calm Coherence 


Completion for a great life

Concentrated Focus, Power


Control - Its Proper Use

Conversation - No negative

Excuses, No


The "Gain" Mentality


Grounding Oneself

Knowledge Factor

Higher Brain, Use Properly

Integrity Factor


Philosophy Of Life, Strong 
Physiology Of Power


Prioritizing - 80/20 Living

Resourcefulness, State Of

Responsibility V. 

Self-Sufficiency, Give To Self

Standards and Values - Clear



Power In Life Contents/Links -
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1 Page: The Power Formulas

See especially The Power Leaks, and plug them!

THE PROGRAM For Developing Your Power - To Get All You Want Out Of Your Life - Takes some work initially, but good  results start showing up quickly and each further step adds greatly to one's life!


The Core Of Your Life - Just Maintain This And You Circumstances Will Not Matter! - And you'll be powerful all day, every day.

Checklist For Being Powerful And Having A Great Life

Child Persona - Guarantees lack of power...

     I am powerless  

Adult Persona - Includes truly defining and declaring 100% responsibility, without which one cannot wield true life power.

"Force Of Nature" Webinar - You can be this...and you must drop the barriers to it. 
PERSONAL physical energy 

Use of  OTHER's energy


EXPERTise power
Correctly identified IMPACT

AUTOMATIC, effortless ("habit"...)

Knowledge of HOW TO

Well-DIRECTED  (attention,  effort)