No mystery:  
The main point of having power in life is not to be prideful about it but to be so effective in its use that you get what you truly want in life:  True, deep happiness plus the bonus contentments.  (Power is a mechanical physical reality, not a "mysterious force".)

We "build" power.  And it compounds over time, to get us all that we want, the process of which I call "Life Effectiveness." .


    LIFE EFFECTIVENESS  =         "KNOWLEDGE"         times             NET POWER  
 ("Happiness" = Main effect)        (Of how to apply power)                  (Adders minus Reducers

Without knowing how to apply the force (power) in the right direction and most efficient and effective way (based on knowing how to use and direct the power to get results), we live a small, ineffective life without freedom, strength, or confidence.

Our objective is to be able to live a large, effective life full of mastery, confidence and freedom.  

We can do either with the same amount of energy, but ultimately the latter has the greater ease, despite the incorrect belief that it must take more effort to get more results.  That's wrong.  It is correctly applied effort that gets the most results, not the most effort per se! 

We will maximize each of the factors, most of which are listed below for summary and overview purposes. But if we left it there, we would be stuck in "conceptual land", perhaps able to talk a good game, but not able to live a good game in the real world.  Thusly, in order, to get these into effect we will have to design a system to have us do each important part at the best level, as the design of the systems will have sufficient ongoing productivity of value to be highly valuable in itself - with a huge total long term return on investment..  This will also add up to what it takes to be a success in whatever you desire.


          POWER    =               ENERGY                   times             HOW WELL APPLIED
                                                                                                 [ROE - Return per unit energy]    




NET POWER   =       POWER ADDERS             minus              POWER REDUCERS

                                     Greater                                                           Doubt, lack of confidence
                                          Confidence                                                Resistance/friction
                                          "Certainty"                                                 Misapplications 
                                          Focus & attention                                      Wasted use of power
                                    Wiser                                                               Drains
                                          Energy use                                                  Diversions 
                                    Maintain higher                                                 Distractions  
                                         Psychological energy                                   Poor concentration           
                                                                                                       Identify The Power Leaks - And 
                                                                                                            Then Plug Them!                                                                                               

It may be helpful for you to read the Explanation of The Power Formulas, below, as we will use this as a key part of the steps in the program for you to be truly powerful.

All of the factors listed above plus the ones listed in the Power In Life Contents/Links page will contribute to the causal chain of power.   Work on increasing any one power source and it multiplies throughout the chain often increasing even the other power factors and greatly increasing the results you get out the other end. 

As I recommend something to you, such as being very careful what comes out of your mouth, you may be tempted to dismiss them as small.  Please don't, as each one has a domino effect, either for the positive or the negative.


It is vital that you fully understand "power" and that you even read too much, rather than too little, as power is at the core of what produces the very quality of your life!

We often resist reality, misuse our energy trying to control the uncontrollable or not so controllable, drain our energy on diversions, doubts, and fears - and when we don't get results, we don't really understand why - and then we lose our confidence, reducing our power further.

What we need to do, instead, is understand how it happens, by following the causal chain to know what happened and then to intervene at key weak points.  It is essential that you learn to  Identify The Power Leaks - And Then Plug Them!   

We can stop being weak power users if we do the very doable steps involved in reducing fears and increasing confidence, such as following the steps to create  "Sufficient Certainty" .

One of the greatest effectors of power, of course, is our physical energy.  If we change our sleep so that we are not sleep deprived and dysfunction, we will function better, get better result, feel physically better, and have more "willpower", which is fueled by taking care to assure that we keep the Psychological energy tank full.   Changing nutrition and physical condition will have immense effects on our power.  Follow those pieces on this site.

If we do those major items we will have much more energy to apply in that part of the formula.

If we are wise in identifying what we spend our energy on, we'll get greater results per amount of energy simply because we've chosen those items that will produce more results than lesser impact items.   That's covered in the Productivity section.

Skill and competence, of course, help execution overall, so you will find as you commit more effort to learning that your power will rise dramatically - along with your confidence and certainty and how you feel about life - which will then compound back into an upward spiral of greater and greater power and results in life.  

Use the Checklist For Being Powerful, And Getting Great Results In Life - and lock in each of those pieces over time, reviewing the list at least monthly for a year, and then look at it quarterly to assure you are on target. 


  Physical energy  
generated by my body and by my choices


Harnessing of  OTHER's energy


Choice of the highest value,
 per energy unit


% correctness of how it is done
as compared to the best possible

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ROE = return on energy

Power = ability to produce desired effects, results


Checklist For Being Powerful, And Getting Great Results In Life

Intro and reference

The link into Power In Life Contents/Links

Power In LIfe Main Page

Power is, net, ultimately the ability to get a result.  The results we get are not measured in "quantity" but in value that is lasting.

Identify The Power Leaks - And Then Plug Them!  


Wisdom related to the pieces of power

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker 

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” - Peter F. Drucker  

Our objective is to do the right things, the things of the highest value - and to not compromise.  

Tactics are the actual means used to gain an objective.  If the objective is one of low value, then low value is the result.  A good manager will often be good at tactics.

Strategy is the overall campaign plan, which may involve complex operational patterns, activity, and decision-making that lead to tactical execution.  This adds a more complex skill so one must be a high level manager. 

A powerful leader is one who chooses wisely what will produce the highest value, which can, over time, be hugely greater than the results achieved in the average choice.  
The ROE is determined by


Choosing the activity with the highest value per energy unit, which depends on
    Correctly identifying the impact in terms of value (which is based on knowledge level and decision making ability)
    Knowledge level accessed = one's own knowledge + the accessible knowledge + EXPERT knowledge.


Well-designed systems to free up time, energy, and to reduce problems
    Automatic, grooved systems that operate mostly on their own (such as a "habit") and are essentially "effortless"

Knowledge of how to, skill of doing - How well (correctly) it is done  

Having a Responsibility Viewpoint - no one is very effective without it. 

Well-directed (attention, will, determination)    
Staying on focus, using momentum, for longer periods of time, without allowing distractions.



Effectiveness is measured in terms of number of expected units of value per energy unit to be expended (assuming that there will be no wasted energy).  

If energy usage is not highly inefficient or wasteful and is, perhaps, just average, then the choosing of what is of the greatest value is the dominant factor in having the power to produce much more value in life.  

Even low efficiency people, who are often distracted and irregular, can do better in life if they are good choosers of what is of the most value than those people who are efficient but not good choosers of  high ROE actions.  The "lazy" success is a person who has to exert very little effort because he gets so much value per amount of effort that he is still "highly powerful".  See The 80/20 Person.


Efficiency is the ability to use current energy economically, without waste.  It can be expressed in a % of energy used instead of wasted.