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How far should you take this?  You must persist UNTIL you've got it fully set up and installed.  That means where there are items that are not presently linked that you would insert them in the search engine if it would be useful to know more about them.  You will be a true proactive learner, which is, essentially being personally powerful in the area of learning.  Don't fool yourself...this is a project you will need to invest a good block of time in!  But, it's massively worth it!  

Seeing what it looks like?

The Characteristics Of Being Powerful - And How To Get There - The musts for achieving happiness. 
     People Who Are Truly Powerful - Not just in one area, but life. 
          The Person Living Life As It Should Be Lived - An Attainable Model For Us All 
          Great Men - But Did They Live Great Lives? - I don't want to falsely seek to be like those whose lives 
                   I wouldn't want to live, as they might be at too great a price!  Here are some people you could 
                   model yourself after.
Being a "force of nature":  The Force Of Nature Webinar

The following is obvious, but it needs to be laid out in sequence and understood and implemented!:  

Develop a sound foundation to stand on

     Remove the obstacles  

          Any idea you have of yourself being a victim - Bring this to virtually zero
          Removing from your life all that is not power 
              (Fault; Blame; ComplainDependency; PowerlessnessStoriesMade-ups
              False Threats)  

     100% responsibility stand

          The clarity and the commitment to be The Rational Nurturing Adult

     Solidifying the foundation 

           The Core Of Your Life - Just Maintain This And Your Circumstances Will Not
           Solidifying The Core Each Day For Virtual Invulnerability And Deep Happiness 
           "Sufficient" Psychological Certainty - A Quality Of Being, A Psychological 

     Deciding (and not having to redecide, which is energy depleting and attention wasting)

          The definite schedule/sequencing (Example)
          The "procedural" lock-ins - Perfecting them for the greatest punch; from how 
              powerful people move to how they speak and how they operate.
          Developing the habits that automatically make it happen 

      A powerful "supporting structure".

          Checklists for running your life
          Insert the health, perspective, and grounding in first (unless true emergency) so 
              always grounded and seeing with perspective and being healthy   
          Gather, hire, befriend supporters and resources that are positive and smart.

Good health and energy.- Needed energy for applying power to forward things; you're deluding yourself if you minimize this and don't do what is necessary!

Monitoring and staying in power (Using The Power Pause.)

[Many of the items below are not linked, so you'll have to enter the term in the search engine to read the relevant pieces.]

Focussing the power where it provides the most benefit

     Staying in perspective, so that you spot what is of the highest benefit (planning and 
           perspective time set aside, used with a set procedure)
     Completing what you start (or don't start it, for it would be wasted power/energy to 
          not finish!)
     Using strengths to create greater results - Caution on shoring up non-vital 
     Free from opinions and approval  

Plugging the leaks and wastes of energy   

     Whittling away things of concern by determining what need no longer be of concern
          Eliminating self-concern (having the confidence one can handle life)
     Throwing out low payoff activities 
     Getting rid of resistances/friction 
         Eliminating conflicting needs 
     Eliminating stress - Whole days with virtually no stress 
          Eliminating false, unrealistic expectations
          Eliminating fears (other than of tigers)

The necessary skills - Focussing on mastery of these for greater net power.

      Being able to problem solve and make very good decisions.
      Emotional intelligence 
           The self-control skill - Without it you cannot direct your energy and power.
​                 Note that self control is not through force but knowing how emotions work.

The necessary practices

       Powerful languaging only
            Speak zero negative

Living the power - Generating, maintaining power 

      Using the physiology of power 
      Doing The Conversation Of  Power - Statements, stands, self-conversations,  
          affirmations; no negative conversation, excuses, explanations, repeating "stories"
      Being around powerful, inspiring, supportive, progressive people 
          As part of this, exposure to Tony Robbins, as an icon of power and for his content,
                is a great thing to give yourself:  use the resources pages related to 
               Tony Robbins.

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Use the search engine. The links on this page haven't been fully set up yet, but there are pieces available on each of these.  

What you are to read is listed here, but you are the one who needs to enter the term and then read the piece!  That's part of power!

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