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The way to use this is to prioritize reading about those characteristics or practices that you think would be most important for you.  It would also be good to read about the others.  Obviously, you can look at the directory and then just use it as a checklist and a plan for your reading every night until you are "knowledgeable" and until you have a perspective and a certain wisdom about it. 

The very top one is Responsibility (vs. Victimhood).  You can't "get there" (to happiness) in life if you don't have 100% responsibility and underlying integrity (= everything fits together in consistency and alignment).

Acceptance Of Reality And Of Life - Understand the alternatives.  Get rid of
   resistance. This is a step on the way to becoming fearless.
Approval, No Need For
Control - Its Proper Use - Learn this and save alot of effort plus getting alot better
Fearlessness - Do this and you'll be virtually fearless.
Integrity - The integrity factor is to power as a structural integrity is to a building.
Languaging - Honoring The Power Of Languaging - This could be the most
   powerful tool of all.
Philosophy Of Life That Is Very Strong and Clear 
Physiology Of Power - Recreate what the physiology is of a person who feels
   his/her power and you'll create extra power.  Definitely avoid the opposite, as it
   sets you up to be unpowerful.
Responsibility Vs. Victimhood - Increases power tremendously as one sheds any
   vestiges of victimhood.   See also, under Psychology, Managing The Mind, Beliefs/Thoughts, Victimhood.


Practices, in the moment (Implement immediately, track them until installed!)

Never speaking in negatives - What we speak is actually input into grooving the
   mechanical mind's patterns!
Instantly challenging and rephrasing any negative - Do not allow these to be held
   and repeated as that will induce more stress; have zero tolerance; of course,
   address what is legitimate.
Breathing correctly and hydrating for highest brain function and for calming the
  emergency alarm system and its tendency to hyperreact.
Catching the drainers and stopping them - Notice and stop:  Always being in a sense of
  hurry/rush/not-there/not-enough; anxieties/worries (stop the repeating and/or repair   
  the cause and the very basis for such fruitless thinking habits.

An "always" follow up practice:

Reworking beliefs - You can't leave disabling or unworkable beliefs in place!

Affectors to add and build with

Affirmations - Creating focus on goals and/or installing effective beliefs to the level
   of automatic and easily accessed and used.
Positive inputs (affect beliefs, allow more "seeing" of how things are done and/or
   are possible) - Fuel, inspire, provides ideas...
Positive learnings - Learning what is truly effective in creating positive viewpoints
   and results


80-20 Principle - Use this and you'll be 400% more effective in life, plus have lots
   of leisure. (This takes you to a sister site.)
Perspective - The great power position.
The "Timer Tool" - Use a timer to fit in small things, calm oneself, free self from anxiety, etc. - all things that can be done in a minute or two or five or ten - just set the timer, and knock off a bunch of things you would never have ever accomplished or felt good about otherwise!

Becoming A "Force Of Nature"

See what comprises becoming, metaphorically, a "Force Of Nature" in your life, with clarity of purpose, conviction, passion, daring action, and persistence, not from the point of view of efforting but from organizing and building a set of beliefs and principles that has you willing to experience life at a higher level.  Free from The Option Institute:  "Force Of Nature" Webinar.

Use to create the pieces

Power In Life Contents/Links - For perspective and linking into items of good use and/or interest.

Continued from:

Having Power In Life - Truly Getting What You Want Out Of Life - The main introductory page on the subject.
By seeing where you are headed, you can proceed to set up a plan and follow a path to close the gap. 

A directory listing most of the characteristics of being powerful is included in Life Management Contents/Links, which will link you to individual characteristics you will want to look more deeply into and learn. 

A true decision to be powerful is irrevocable!

The absolute decision to be powerful, giving
   up all other (nonfunctional, dysfunctional)
100% Responsibility (100% necessary!) 
   Zero "Victim" (Excuses, etc.)
Being At Cause In The Matter Of Life
The Physiology Of Power
Learning what it takes to manage one's
   emotions, impulses, lower functions and
   implementing those! (Read and implement
   the book, which probably will be out by the
   time you read this, called "Smart (and easy)
   Self Control", linked from the Books page.