Follow these principles and laws of success and you will be successful in whatever you want.  Violate them and you'll experience the equivalent effects of violating gravity with regard to success. 

Although the list below is guiding you to the principles that work, each of these items are principles in themselves, ones that work!

I.  Spend enough time learning to become very competent in "Success"

      Get in touch with reality and the principles and laws of what works

            Mandatory reference book for the long term, as it pretty much compiles all of the 
                  success principles and methods:

                                         The Success Principles, Jack Canfield      

             Study the the "laws" via Napoleon Hill's Success Laws 

             For a free Quick Synopsis:   Wikipedia summary  

             To read his book, free: - Click on the chapters in 
                    his Laws Of Success Course. 
             To do the Home Study Course - Go to, Bookstore - Complete with 
                    grader's to give feedback on the homework assignments - this is a more thorough 
                    way of learning for those who can afford the steep price.

     Use this as a complete reminder of things that work, both principles and practices:  

              Principles To Live By - A list from which to choose from the options for principles to live 
                 by. Running your life based on principles is a very high payoff practice!

 II.  Use resources effectively to "leverage" yourself into more success

      A successful person uses resources effectively, so that he/she does not have to do it all or 
             know it all.  Here is an evaluation sheet to use in selecting resources that will be of higher 

              Resource Evaluation Sheet

III.  Have strategies for success in all the areas.

      What a pity it would be if one was successful in other ways, but not in what really mattered.  
           Use this to see what really works for happiness - and what doesn't!   

               Strategies for Enduring Success (Happiness) - A simple listing off which you can pick 
                     a topic, enter it into the site search engine and then study. 

IV.  Set strong standards of how you operate, with compassion also.

      Consciously pick and decide what standards you'll have that will contribute to your living a 
           happier, more fulfilling life:  Success - My Standards For (Perspective) 

      Then decide what you will not tolerate in your life.  People tolerate alot of crap in their lives 
           that pull them down and make life less satisfying.  Here is the opportunity to look and 
           eliminate that plus the opportunity and how-to to "upgrade". 

                 What I've Been Tolerating In My Life 

V.   Know what you want

       Decide what is really wanted in the long term for your life, as opposed to going blindly or 
           less clearly through life.  Clarity in this leads to much greater effectiveness in life.   
           What Do I Want Ultimately? - A form, with examples.

VI.  Prioritize and focus your energies (skip the little stuff)

      Follow, religiously, the 80/20 Principle, Living LIfe The 80/20 Way.  


Principles And Laws Of Life  

Life's Greatest Lessons - Follow these, period! 

Read and use for reference the book Success Principles, Jack Canfield.  It can't be beat.  It is one of the "essential" books.


To go deeper and truly to sufficient mastery learning in this, read selected pieces from 

Success In Life,Contents, Links 

​When ready to become an expert in "success", and applying your knowledge, use something like The Program For Success In Life - Follow This Path To Success

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