See the list below.

To look toward what is good and what leads us to seeing what we admire and want to go toward.

To remind us of who we can be.

To remind us of how great life can be (and is), no matter what.

All of them, in a sense, inspire, as they give us more breath of life, so I had to artificially draw a line, where the inspirers are the ones who have (or can have) an incredible effect on our lives and our perceptions. 

Many have overcome things that put our problems into perspective, as little ones, not very consequential and very small compared to the joys of life. 

Many have focused so greatly on developing wisdom that they can lead us to much greater happiness.

When you need recentering, regrounding, or reinspiring or just a boost, ponder these people and what they've done and what they stand for. Read about them, read their quotes of wisdom...

Think of who you admire, are inspired by, who you would like to be like - and then find out what it is that they have learned - and you'll be who and what you want to be, inexplainably drawn by simply deep exposure to these greater views and the higher wisdom.  Post their pictures and you'll be drawn to being who they are simply by viewing their pictures. 

Write out who your top models are, by area, being sure to identify who has the characteristics and result in life who you can copy from their lives and be inspired to follow such a way of living!!!

How To Get In Touch With Who and What They Are:

See their profiles in Wikipedia.
Go to and put in the person's name.
Read books on or by them.
Go to YouTube.  Possibly some on

THE INSPIRERS (See also Great Men, But Did They Lead Great Lives?)

See other examples from "Bad Past, Good Life" - and you'll never be a victim or unappreciative again. See also these videos from Inspiring Videos.  Read their books, watch related videos and interviews.  Also, Success After The Darkness - and the stories of individuals who overcame depression.

Nick Vijicic - Born with no arms and no legs, yet he lives with "no limits".  Book Life Without Limits.
W. Mitchell - Burnt all over his body and face, later crippled in a plane crash, not an inspirational speaker...
John O'Leary - Burnt at 9 years old, 1% chance to live, now incredibly motivating speaker.  Watch all of the videos, under "John's videos" !  Proof of the power of the human spirit.  You won't give up so easy from a little discomfort in your life.
Helen Keller - Blind and deaf, great author and lecturer.  She altered our perception of the disabled and remapped the boundaries of sight and sense...
Michael Jordan - Discipline, focus, drive
Michael Oher (Blind Side movie) - Book: "I Beat The Odds".   Be the best player, best person I could be... Success:  Food, roof overhead, decent clothes on my back.
Randy Pausch - The Last Lecture Full Video
Tiger Woods - Discipline, focus, drive
Stephen Hawking - Totally paraplegic, totally awesome.  Zero-Gravity Video. "My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus."

THE ADMIRED - Of course, we do not profile all of these people here, as you can pop into the internet, seeing excellent summaries of the lives of the famous people on  Read the best books, including biographies and autobiographies about them.  The asterisked people are on my list of people who I think actually lived good lives - see Great Men, But Did They Lead Great Lives?.

By Category

Son, daughter
Teacher, coach
Happiest person you know

By Name (Political Leaders, Spiritual Or Religious Leaders, Thinkers/Scientists, Personally
                 Inspiring, Sports, Business/Money, Personal Growth, Creative/Arts, Philosophy (or

Political Leaders
   Nelson Mandela
   Tony Blair
   Teddy Roosevelt
   Mikhail Gorbachev
   Vaclav Havel
   Jimmy Carter
   Winston Churchill
   Bill Clinton (for his later life)
   Hilary Clinton (for high intent and grit, but not for leadership abilities)
   Dwight Eisenhower
   Thomas Jefferson
   John F. Kennedy
   Abraham Lincoln
   Barack Obama
   Colin Powell
   Ronald Reagan
   Condoleezza Rice
   Mitt Romney
   Franklin D. Roosevelt
   Margaret Thatcher
Political Observers (Deep, fact-based, effective thinkers)
   David Brooks, slightly right of center and he spans both sides' concerns
   Charles Krauthammer, conservative and he values all the basics of Progressives
Spiritual Or Religious Leaders
   Mahatma Gandhi
   Dalai Lama
   Matthieu Ricard ("The happiest man in the world")
   Mother Teresa
   Martin Luther King, Jr.
   Pope John Paul II
   Jesus Christ
   Buddha (Siddhartha)
   Billy Graham
   Desmond Tutu
Thinkers, Scientists
   Dr. Mehmet Oz 
   Thomas Edison
   Albert Einstein (Video, PBS, )
   Buckminster Fuller (From the brink of the lake...)
   Stephen Hawking
   Albert Schweitzer
Personally Inspiring
   Helen Keller
   Eleanor Roosevelt
   Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
   Oprah Winfrey (See also her Resources)
   Princess Diana
   Benjamin Franklin
   Florence Nightingale
   Randy Pausch
   Mark Twain, far beyond just being a humorist, lots of wisdom
Business, Money
    Andrew Carnegie
    Henry Ford
    Richard Branson
    Bill Gates
    Jon Huntsman, Sr (character) - Read his book Winners Never Cheat.
    Warren Buffett
    Charles Munger (partner of Buffett, also very, very wise)
    Elon Musk - One of the greatest thinkers and implementers of our time
    Peter G. Peterson - Business and public services, now Coalition For Fiscal And
         National Security as part of his foundation.
    Steve Jobs
     Roger Federet
     Joe Montana
     Michael Jordan
     Tiger Woods
     Lance Armstrong (also fight with cancer)
Expansive Contributors
     Peter Diamandis (X Prize)
Personal Growth, Leadership
     Napoleon Hill
     Anthony Robbins
     Brian Tracy
     Jim Rohn
     John Maxwell
     Oprah (Oprah - Resources)
     Jack Canfield (Canfield - Resources)
     Dale Carnegie
     Norman Vincent Peale
     Marianne Williamson
     Barry Neil Kaufman
     Werner Erhard (EST)
     Robin Sharma 
Creative, Arts
     Will Smith
     Tom Hanks
     Stephen Spielberg
     Tyler Perry
     Angelina Jolie 
     Yo Yo Ma - For his virtuosity, but more for his fun and spirit
Philosophy (or Psychology)
     William James
     James Allen
     George Bernard Shaw
     Richard Carlson


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